Gretchen, Olivia and Toby

Our Approach

It was during the height of the recession and I needed this closing to pay the mortgage for the month. The bank changed the terms of the short sale release leaving my sellers in a compromising position.

I told my sellers the scenario and they chose to walk away from the offer. Leaving me without a closing and calling my mother-in-law to borrow money to cover the mortgage.

Why is this under our approach?

Because too many real estate companies say they put the client first. But could – or would – they do it if it meant borrowing money?

We can tell you we will and that we have.

Our Story

C.G. Boyce Real Estate Co. was founded March 1, 2015, in a small-office behind Terra Nova Community Church – now the Press Outreach Center – and would hold closings in the church offices and even the worship center.

In 2019, the opportunity came for C.G. Boyce to open up a downtown office at 11 1/2 West Winter Street and we could not pass up the the opportunity

Who is C.G. Boyce?

C.G. Boyce is named after my father – Calvin Gerald – who was planning to go into real estate with me after retiring from the phone company. Unfortunately my father passed away after I had only been in the business a couple of years and he never reached retirement.

Meet the Team

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Gretchen Boyce

Chief Executive Officer

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Toby E. Boyce

Vice President

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Suzanne M. Holt

Licensed Agent

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Next Steps…

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