Welcome Aboard!


I’m Sadie Lynn, the just over one year-old boxer, that is very tired of hearing about real estate.

One of my owners, Toby Boyce, left his job in public relations at Ohio Wesleyan University to become a Realtor with Disbennett Real Estate Company. He’s enjoying his new career, but the one downside is that he works from home. Gone are my hours of relaxation in my cage.

Well, since I’ve got to be up during the day, I decided to be productive — and you’re going to reap the rewards. I’m going to share the information that Toby shares with me — think of me as Duke (of Bush’s Baked Beans fame) only I’ll actually give you the “secret recipe.”

The recipe for this blog, was created by Toby, who originally toyed with publishing an online newsletter that would be distributed to all his clients. But his experience with blogging on Independent Thinkingand Ohio County Project made a blog appear to be the better idea. So westarted chatting and in return for a portion of the profits — payable in toys and Filet Mignon — I agreed to rite these posts for him.

What will we cover? Real estate for the most part. Focusing primarily on Toby’s primary markets in Ohio consisting of Delaware County, Republic, and Danville.But we’ll also do nationwide interest posts, some very local posts (like the Locust Curve development that I call my domain), and even some “fun” posts that I just want to write.

We’ll also be starting an “ask the dog” segment where we will respond to your questions about real estate. Drop me an e-mail at sadie@tobysellshomes.com and we’ll get an answer as soon as possible.

Until the next time, Sadie

Finally Legal!

All this work finally paid off.

The state finally put the small link on its Web site that said “Approved”.

No balloons. No confetti. But, then that just wouldn’t be me.

finally a licensed real estate agent and within the past couple of
hours have paid my dues to become a member of the Delaware County Board
of Realtors – so I’m also now a Realtor.

It is a wonderful
feeling and I’m excited to get this new career rolling. It seems so
long ago – yet only a month – that I was sitting in the office at http://www.owu.edu/” target=”_blank”>Ohio Wesleyan
dreaming about ways to take my career to the next level. Now I’m
sitting here in my home office, praying that I’ve made the right

But, I’m confident it has been the right decision. It
seems that every time doubt creeps into my mind – another positive
affirmation comes along to keep me excited. For example, just hooking
up with Rod and http://www.disbennettonline.com/” target=”_blank”>Disbennett Real Estate was completely by coincidence.

years, I have considered a career in real estate and turned down
opportunities to go into work with other brokers for various reasons. A
chance encounter with Rod and a weekend later I’m making plans to enter
the profession.

Another was the test. As I prepared the stress
was unbelievable – as to be expected – and then I take the test and
score a 91 (out of 100) on the national examination and an amazing 100
on the state portion. The 100 was the first one that the workers at the
testing station or http://www.hondros.edu/” target=”_blank”>Hondros College had ever seen.

here I sit, feeling like that merchant that has just opened a business.
Everything is all shiny and new, but still waiting to be discovered.

Hopefully that will be changing soon!