Commercial Real Estate

Industrial, office, retail, or tenant management are all different part of the commercial real estate experience. And extremely different beasts that should be handled by professionals — being licensed to do something doesn’t always mean you’re a professional — that focus on that portion of the real estate process.

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You are looking for a new location, but need to run your company. Essentially, a great real estate agent will become a small business’s real estate department that is served with finding and solidifying the best location determined by your needs. This goes above and beyond just “finding” the property but working with local officials to make sure the project is going to be well received and even possible.

While most commercial real estate companies are broken down by industry, at C.G. Boyce Real Estate Co. we’ve done it a little different. CGB works with medium-sized cities to build stronger connections and then works to fill needs in these communities across commercial boundaries.

Professionals are the key to a successful real estate transaction.

The Commercial Real Estate Team

No matter the transaction their are several key players that need to be part of every commercial real estate transaction.

  • Real Estate Agent
  • Real Estate Attorney
  • Accountant
  • Business Banker

And then often the transation also includes

  • 1031 Exchange Intermediary
  • Business Broker

Each person serves a key role that we’ll highlight in future blog posts and communications. The key is to realize that when it comes to buying and selling commercial property, a successful transaction is usually determined by how willing you are to listen to the advise of the professionals.

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