5% of Commission Donated to Charity

C.G. Boyce Gives Back to Community

It started as most things do – with the realization that something was amiss.

“I had a listing in contract and the buyer’s agent kind of disappeared and I ended up getting to know the younger Mennonite couple. At closing their “agent” showed up with a bottle of wine — which is not allowable in their religion. It got me to thinking about how we handled closing gifts and where it should go.”

Well it went to a company-wide policy that five percent (5%) of all commission is donated to a charity the client chooses. We don’t charge the agents rather make it part of the agent’s split. For example, if the agent is on a 70% split – meaning they get to keep 70% of all commission – then for C.G. Boyce Real Estate Co. it is actually 70-25-5.

But enough of the nuts and bolts.

Who can I make a donation to in your name today?.


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