Beautiful Signs at Delaware Cemetary


The quiet Bierce Wesoller, or Houk Road, Cemetery recently received beautiful new signage.
The location is not one you’d expect to find a cemetery today at the busy intersection of Central Avenue, State Route 37, and Houk Road. However, the age and condition of the memorials ells you the location predates Delaware’s growth by many moons.
The cemetery was established in 1822 and there isn’t a lot more known about it from an online search.
Does anyone know anything about the new signs?


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  1. I found that the rehab is part of an Eagle Scout by Cullen Young.

    According to the March 22, 2012 Delaware City Parks and Recreation Minutes from their meeting, the following resolution was presented and passed:

    . Cullen Young Eagle Scout Project – Eagle Scout Cullen Young presented his proposal
    for possible fencing, signage, installing benches, and having a dead tree removed at the
    Bierce-Wesoller Cemetery on the corner of Houk Road and St. Rt. 37 West. Linda Mathews made a motion to support the rehabilitation of Bierce-Wesoller Cemetery. Dave Berwanger seconded the motion. Motion carried with a 9-0 vote.

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