DelawareOH365: Leb's Pizza House, Ostrander

Leb's Pizza House, Ostrander, Ohio
Leb's Pizza House in downtown Ostrander, Ohio. (toby boyce)

It was a quiet night when we made the five-mile drive from Delaware to Ostrander for a little Leb’s Pizza House recently.

The pizza shop is pretty much what you’d expect form any small-town eatery – especially when its the only one in town. It isn’t the prettiest place in the world, but the atmosphere is friendly and you can tell the “boys” at the bar have been having the same discussion for the past decade.

According to its Web site, Leb’s Pizza House is owned and operated by Erik Leber and his wife Stephanie.  This restaurant was opened in October 2008, and is Erik’s first expansion off of his fathers business (The Pizza House in Clyde, Ohio) and features the same homemade pizza sauce recipe that his family has used over the past 38 years. Erik and Stephanie maintain the business as a family-friendly environment, as they bring their two daughters into the restaurant frequently to eat and visit.

[media-credit id=1 align=”alignright” width=”300″]Pizza Sandwich, Leb's Pizza House, Ostrander, Ohio[/media-credit]
The Pizza Sandwich at Leb's Pizza House in Ostrander.

The food was excellent as we enjoyed a pizza, small garlic pizza ($6) and pizza sandwich ($6 for cheese).

The garlic pizza was decent with its cheese and blend of garlic butter sauce. I’d have liked a little more garlic taste but it was still very good.

I grew up near Frankie’s Pizzaria in Howard, Ohio, and it was were I first had stromboli — which I’ve since learned was not a “real” stromboli but rather a ball of dough filled with some sauce, lots of cheese, and toppings. I have since been looking for a “similar” idea in the pizza world — I mean too much cheese is never (and I do mean never) a problem for me. The Pizza Sandwich was possibly the closest I’ve had to this heart-attack-in-dough. Now Leb’s was limited in its amount of cheese so it was good but didn’t leave you summoning the local EMS after completing it.

Leb’s Pizza House is located at 17 South Main Street in Ostrander, Ohio.

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