Delaware's Best: Breakfast Sandwich

Where Can I get Delaware’s Best Breakfast Sandwich?

Grady Breakfast Sandwich is the best in Delaware
Grady Breakfast Sandwich is our best for that time of the day in Delaware, Ohio.

Breakfast sandwiches are not known as the world’s most exciting culinary experience. However, it happens to be a long-term challenge to find sandwiches that offer that amazing flavor without being over-powered by grease or having that “McDonald’s” taste.

The Grady Cafe, Delaware, Ohio

Going with the tradition of a breakfast sandwich this week’s best is found at a location that many Delawarite don’t want to visit. Not because of the food, but because of the location. Grady Cafe is located on the first-floor of Ohio Health’s Grady Memorial Hospital on the city’s west side.

The sandwich ($3.95) is a delight and one that I enjoy as often as possible. The Grady Breakfast Sandwich can be “made your way” but I always choose to have a toasted (I find the grilled bagels have too much butter and get a bit soggy) bagel, cheese, and sausage. (Of course for those that believe the world rises and falls in Bacon you can get that as well!)

I usually toss in a side of hash browns ($1 for two) and coffee ($1) to make it a great breakfast. The Grady Cafe is located at 5001 West Central Avenue in western Delaware, Ohio, and opens daily at 7 a.m.

There are lots of places to get your breakfast sandwiches in Delaware County Ohio. What’s your favorite spot?

Delaware’s Best is published every Tuesday and is a feature that we have brought back to Delaware Ohio Real Estate and Events after realizing that we’d gotten away from the core of what this site was about. Do you have a place that you think is “Delaware’s Best”? Well drop us a note or leave a comment and we’ll gladly check it out.

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