DelOH 365 Day 2: Downtown Delaware

DelOh 365
It is going to be the last nice day for at least a few. So it would be a great day to reach that step goal taking a stroll along the streets of historic downtown Delaware, Ohio. (Toby Boyce)

Why Downtown Delaware?

The weather person is calling for rain and other “not-so-fun” weather coming later this week. Which makes today a great day to hit steps – you know while still trying to hit the resolution you made yesterday — by walking around the historic downtown Delaware, Ohio.

So today head north on Franklin, east on Central, south on Union and west on William to make the traditional downtown tour. Then finish at one of coffee shops for a nice cup of Joe.

What is DelawareOH 365?

Delaware, Ohio, is a vibrant community — both the city and county — and we are going to spend every day of 2020 taking a peek at what makes it special. Whether it be people, places, events, or anything else that catches our fancy. What else have we featured? Check it out!

All photographs are by President & Broker Toby Boyce unless otherwise stated.

Have an idea for a location? Make a comment below!

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