DelOH365 #1: Coffeeology

DelOh 365
Coffeeology on North Sandusky Street in historic downtown Delaware, Ohio, is open today until 3 p.m. (Toby Boyce)

Delaware has a vibrant coffee scene and on National Hangover Day that is a great thing. Though only one of our the four in historic downtown Delaware, Ohio, is open today. Coffeeology is open until 3 p.m. so enjoy a hot cup of Joe today to help get rid of 1999 effects.

What is DelawareOH 365?

Delaware, Ohio, is a vibrant community — both the city and county — and we are going to spend every day of 2020 taking a peek at what makes it special. Whether it be people, places, events, or anything else that catches our fancy. All photographs are by President & Broker Toby Boyce unless otherwise stated.

Have an idea for a location? Make a comment below!

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