Puppy Care Tips

Tips for that new dog owner

So you think it is time to add a puppy to your family? Here is a few tips on taking care of your furry friend.

Olivia and Kira in Delaware Ohio boxer puppy
Ms. O. enjoys holding the newest addition to our team. Kira, a nine-week old Boxer, needs proper care to ensure she becomes a strong independent dog in the future. [Toby Boyce]
  • Have you puppy vaccinated against dangerous diseases on the advice of your vet.
  • Make sure to give your pet the monthly dose of a heartworm preventive and flea and tick control.
  • Puppies benefit from crate usage it helps with house training and a security location as the puppy adjusts.
  • Designate a clean and quiet area and consistently place your dog’s food and water in a location.
  • Brush your dog’s hair regularly to remove shed hair and get rid of any mats.
  • Get plenty of exercise for your dog.
  • Protect your puppy from electrical cords, poisonous plants and household chemicals.

Utilizing these tips will help your puppy transition into a healthy and vibrant adult dog.

Source: Puppy Care Tips Pamphlet from Meridan

Veterinarian References

Olivia and Kira in Delaware Ohio boxer puppy

Kantzer Veeninary Clinic

Toby and Gretchen have been taking their boxers there since 2005 when they got Sadie.