Spa Retreat Set to Return to Downtown Delaware Ohio

When I wrapped up my bi-monthly massage with Cheri Clem, of Massage Therapy Innovation, I noticed that Spa Retreat has found a new home and will soon be opening at on North Franklin Street in historic downtown Delaware, Ohio.Spa Retreat Delaware Ohio

I don’t think Mrs. B. or I have ever been to Spa Retreat so I hold out judgement but they’ve received 3-out-of-5 stars on Yelp! but there were a couple of unfair reviews on there. The one lady “got a great massage but I don’t know the room should have just been decorated a little nicer.” Wow. Tough crowd. She probably showed up in a 1984 Plymouth Horizon with a missing back window. But, hey, she expected better from Spa Retreat. Sorry, got off on a tangent there didn’t I.

Anyhow, Spa Retreat was started, according to its Web site and Yelp!, by Janice Pernestti in her home in 1995 and moved eventually moved to the location at 1836 Columbus Pike and is now returning to town at 56 North Franklin Street in Delaware, Ohio. No mention on when the location on North Franklin will “officially” open.

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