women track runner

Studio 501 Launching Boot Camp

Latest Boot Camp Launching April 2

“Summer bodies are made in winter” is a slogan for a food campaign. And while the benefits of canned soup could be debated – the life-changing opportunities that come with a boot camp cannot. Infinite Wellness 501 is launching its next 12-week boot camp on April 2 at its location in Delaware, Ohio.

women track runner
You don’t need to be a track star, or even pretend to be one on TV, to enjoy the benefits of boot camp with Studio 501 beginning April 2.

Boot camps are high-intensity workouts blended with active rest to get your heart rate up and your waist size down.

501 Boot Camp Includes

Twelve-weeks of workouts: HIIT workouts in morning and evening sessions

Healthy Edge Lifestyle Program: learn how to transform your lifestyle.