DelOH 365 Day 3: Mingo Park

DelOh 365
Mingo Park sits in the bend of the Olentangy River and is the crown jewel of the Delaware City Parks District. Director of Big Smiles Olivia celebrates a warm day in late December on the play equipment. (Photo by Janice Boyce)

Mingo Park is the crown-jewel of the Delaware City Parks District. And on a day like today, the best part is that it also boasts an indoor facility to keep yourself dry and out of the rain.

However, I couldn’t pass up this awesome picture that Mom, Janice Boyce, took of our Director of Big Smiles during that warm spell around Christmas 2019.

In addition to the play area, the Park has baseball and softball fields; soccer fields; walking trails; skate park; and the Jack Florence Swimming Pool.

What is DelawareOH 365?

Delaware, Ohio, is a vibrant community — both the city and county — and we are going to spend every day of 2020 taking a peek at what makes it special. Whether it be people, places, events, or anything else that catches our fancy. What else have we featured? Check it out!

All photographs are by President & Broker Toby Boyce unless otherwise stated.

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