Top 10 Delaware County Transactions This Week

December 30, 2019 – January 5, 2020

1.STEITZ RDPOWELL $2,130,000grain or general farm
2.5353  MUIRFIELD CTDUBLIN  $1,000,000Single family Dwlg
3.1643  VILLA WAYPOWELL $879,500Other Residential Structures
4.1337  MAGNOLIA WAYPOWELL $874,942Other Residential Structures
5.1964  JEWETT RDPOWELL $780,000Single family Dwlg
6.6980  ROB ROY DRDUBLIN $700,000Single family Dwlg
7.5196  SHEFFIELD AVEPOWELL $690,000Single family Dwlg
8.6716  BRODIE BLVDDUBLIN  $684,000Single family Dwlg
9.1393  ABBOTSFORD GREEN DRPOWELL $620,000Single family Dwlg
10.10844  ERRISBERG PLDUBLIN $501,510Condominium Residential Unit
The top-10 arms-length real-estate transaction of the past week in Delaware County according to the Delaware County Auditor’s Office.