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Brokensword – located along State Route 19 – in rural Crawford County – could be a great place for your new home.

When it comes time to find your new home in North-Central Ohio, C.G. Boyce Real Estate Co. has you covered!

With more than 163,000 residents the area of Crawford and Richland counties is home to many great locations. From the hills along the Mohican and Clear Fork Rivers to the farm and small towns – like Nevada and Brokensword — dotting western Crawford County.

  • From Butler to New Washington
  • From Mansfield to Nevada (and you have to say it “Ohio style” which is knee-VADE-a).
  • From Plymouth to Brokensword

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When it comes to searching for homes in Central and North-central Ohio, C.G. Boyce Real Estate Co. has you covered. With agents located in the Columbus, Knox and Mansfield Area MLS we cover the state like few comparably sized brokerages can.

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