buyer home guide

The Buying Map

Much like pirates of days gone by, the home buyer sets out on a search for that elusive hidden treasure … the perfect home.

With more than a decade in real estate, C.G. Boyce Real Estate Co. has developed a treasure map that is designed to make your search for that perfect home feel less like Pirates of the Scioto and more like House Hunters: Ohio.

The home buyer’s treasure map will take you through some scary and exciting territory.

The Home Buyer’s Map

buyer home guide
Home Buyer’s Map is like the old pirate’s hidden treasure map as we all are looking for that elusive treasure.
  • Where Is My Map? (Initial Meeting With C.G. Boyce Real Estate Co.)
  • Pre-Pillaging (Getting Pre-Approved to Buy A Home)
  • Searching for Treasure (Finding Your New Home)
  • (Making an Offer)
  • Is That Really Gold? (Inspection Period)
  • Pillaging (Financing Your Home)
  • Walking The Plank (Closing Days)
  • Enjoying Your Booty (Post Closing)

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