Google Can Make Homes “Disappear”

How to blur your home image from Google Maps

How to blur your home image from Google MapsSite Will Blur Home By Request

It is amazing – and disturbing – how much information is collected on American’s daily.

All of this information is being used to formulate decisions around my life — some of them so mundane as whether Starbucks offers me drink a or drink b to the intrusive where you are being followed around online for items you only thought about googling.

But, Google Maps has made it easier to remove one key component from its database … your house.

While not a new feature, HuffPost reported on it back in 2014, we saw our first one while searching some industrial property in an Indiana community of 4,500 residents.

Want to blur your home?

  1. Log into Google Maps on your favorite browser.
  2. Navigate to the Street view of the property you want blurred.
  3. In the lower-right corner is “report a problem.”
  4. Complete the next screen with your request and some other information and click submit.

We’ve just completed this request for our personal residence and will update as we get timelines and additional information. We would caution that this is a permanent request and at times you might want them looking at your home — like when C.G. Boyce Real Estate Co. has it for sale — it will still be blurred out and that while Google is a major player online this only applies to Google Maps and will not apply to other places where your home can and will appear online.

UPDATE: We received an email this morning less than 12 hours after submitting that our request had been completed. And a google search proved that it had been done.

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  1. We submitted the request late on Monday night and had a response and it was completed before noon on Tuesday. Can’t beat that service.

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