Central Ohio Among Top Housing Markets

Marblehead Lighhouse, Ohio
Ohio's natural resources - including Lake Erie - are probably part of the reason the housing market is expected to be strong in 2010. (photo by Toby Boyce)

Housing Predictor has compiled the numbers and announced the Best 25 Housing Markets for 2010. Columbus, Ohio, was named second among the 240 metro markets that were evaluated..

It appears that Ohio is high on this group’s list as the top-four communities — Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, and Cincinnati — all fall within the Buckeye state.

Rank Real Estate Market Forecast
1. Cleveland 10.4%
2. Columbus 9.4%
3. Cincinnati 8.8%
4. Toledo 6.5%
5. Lafayette, La. 5.4%

The site isn’t very specific with its criteria, posting on its “Methodology” page, “we examine more than 20 micro market characteristics in each market place, including income levels, employment trends and changes, school enrollment, business trends, regional political influences, real estate sales history, and current housing market velocity. The factors are all considered to come up with each local market forecast.”

In the release it reads at one point that “propelled by bargain prices, four Ohio markets top the list of the best 25. Prices got so low in most of Ohio that they have only one way to go.” Yet, in the next paragraph the site says that the majority of the cities on the list are from Midwest and Northern States that were “less severely impacted by the housing crisis.”

It sounds cool to say that we rank second in the nation for housing forecasts heading into 2010, but we’ll see how this comes to pass when the “rubber meets the road.”

Just for fun, the “Worst 25 Housing Markets 2010” were also announced. Manhattan (-17.2%) led the list followed by Las Vegas (-15.4%); Providense, R.I. (-13.8%); Miami (-13.8%); and Newport, R.I. (-13.6%).

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