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115. Alum Creek State Park, Lewis Center

Alum Creek State Park Lewis Center Ohio

You’d think with Lake Erie and the Ohio River the answer would be either far north or far south. But yet it nearly sits directly in the geographical center of Ohio … Delaware County.

What county in Ohio has the most water-front property?

Alum Creek State Park Lewis Center Ohio
An alcove along Alum Creek State Park just north of the beach area provides peaceful respite for weary travelers.

Two man-made reservoirs are big reasons for that. Alum Creek State Park in Lewis Center, Ohio, is a major player in that statistic. The Alum Creek Dam was built in 1970-1974 as part to the Ohio River Basin river control plan. The reservoir holds 3,378 acres of water in what was once a rich area for Native American settlers.

The dam itself is 10,000 feet long and stands at a maximum height of 93 feet.

The area was home to the Adena people dating back about 2,000 years ago; Later the Delaware people, after being displaced from the Delaware River Valley, made a home for themselves along Alum Creek and the Olentangy River to the west. In 1805, Moses Byxbe began settling the area that is now Delaware County with a community along the Olentangy River.

However, the area along Alum Creek is rich in both natural and man-made fun. From numerous paths, mountain bike courses, and more there are also disc golf courses, beaches and lots of room for maritime activities.

Alum Creek State Park is “located” at 3305 South Old State Road in Delaware, Ohio. The park is open from dawn until dusk most of the year.