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123. Redde Hedde Farms, Delaware

April showers may bring May flowers; but at Redde Hedde Farms in rural Delaware, Ohio, those same showers bring flavor.

Black Rim tomatoes – a dark heirloom – begin their growing in May 2020.

“We sell flavor” is a tag line for the company, but it is also more than just a tagline. The small manually grown farm grows product that you can’t get just anywhere.

Historically, the farm has focused on restaurants with their flavors showing up in some of the most highly regarded places in Columbus, Ohio. But that all changed in 2020.

With their primary market shuttered, Redde Hedde shifted to on-farm and farmer-market sales and the locals responded. We aren’t talking about getting tomatoes from Redde Hedde instead of Kroger. We are talking about getting tomatoes, peppers, cucomelons, lettuce, etc. that you probably can’t get anywhere else.

Farmer Rob Rehm prides himself on not only his offerings but the back story as well. “We sell ‘stuff’ that no one has ever seen,” Rehm said. “And growing them in a way that the flavor just explodes in your mouth.”

Redd Hedde Farms is located in rural Delaware, Ohio. They welcome visitors to the farm and you can find them at several local Farmer’s Markets – including Killbourne, Ohio – hawking their amazing produce.