C.G. Boyce Real Estate Co.

126. Richwood Cofee; Richwood, Marysville, Delaware

Richwood Coffee even has a drink the “pupacino” for Kira when she visits the branch with me. (Toby Boyce)

A certain large bank is bragging about its coffee shop-like branches. Too bad, Richwood Bank has been doing that for a few years already and for that, it is stop No. 126 on 365: The Tour.

Inside five of the Richwood Bank locations – Delaware, Springfield, Marysville, Bellefontaine, and Richwood and is – Richwood Coffee. The coffee shop offers coffee and a selection of your favorite other coffee and even some non-coffee-base6d drinks.

The coolest part of the Richwood Coffee experience is how you pay for your favorite beverage choice. Small coffees are always free but want a large or one of the specialty drinks? Make a donation to their approved charities which range from 4-H to United Way to Habitat for Humanity.

Richwood Coffee is located inside select Richwood Bank locations across central Ohio. It opens at the same time the lobby does and closes 1/2-hour before the lobby closes.