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144. Delaware Art Walk, Delaware

Too often people think they need to make the trek into big cities to see art. But, did you know Delaware, Ohio, has its own Delaware Art Walk?

Created by the Arts Castle you can find the map right inside the front door off Catherine Street. The walk will encompass much of downtown Delaware, Ohio.

Delaware Art Walk

  1. The Arts Castle, 190 West Winter Street
  2. The Arts Castle Sculpture Garden, 190 West Winter Street
  3. The Boardman Arts Park, 154 West William Street
  4. Glass Mural at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, 39 West Winter Street
  5. Mural on the Back of Andrews House, 39 West Winter Street
  6. Glass Mosaic behind Restoration Brew Worx, 25 North Sandusky
  7. Shortcut Alley Installation, 11 1/2 West Winter Street (sound familiar, yep they’ll be installing art along the walkway in front of C.G. Boyce Real Estate Co.’s office!
  8. Strohm Meat Ghost Sign, 12 West Winter Street
  9. Bodurtha Art Studio Ghost Sign, 57 1/2 North Sandusky Street
  10. Gallery 22 Mac Worthington Sculpture, 22 East Winter Street
  11. Gallery 22, 22 East Winter Street
  12. Kurrley’s Saloon Ghost Sign, 9 North Sandusky Street
  13. Rutherford B. Hayes Statue, 2 South Sandusky Street
  14. Washburn & Crosby’s Gold Medal Flour Ghost Sign, 5 North Sandusky Street
  15. Konjola Patent Medicine Ghost Sign, 1 North Sandusky Street
  16. Bee Hive Ghost Sign, 4 North Sandusky Street
  17. Genuine Bull Durham Standard of the World, 9 East William Street
  18. Ross Art Museum, 60 South Sandusky Street
  19. Ross Art Museum Mural, front of 60 South Sandusky Street

What is a ghost sign?

Ghost signs are essentially signs for places that no longer exist or were painted long ago and have become part of local lore. Most of these signs were hand-painted in the early 1900s and have become prohibited as zoning laws became more common.

The majority of the locations are outside and available free of charge and from dawn until dusk. Please check local businesses for their hours.