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147. RockBox Fitness, Powell

RockBox Fitness Powell Ohio

“It isn’t about how hard you hit,” the great line from Rocky begins and in Powell, Ohio, that is ringing true to a lot of local residents.

Toby Boyce rocking the RockBox Fitness Powell gloves after his first-session. (Toby Boyce)

RockBox Fitness is taking gloves to a new level with a blend of a more traditional gym and a kick-boxing experience. The 50-minute workout is split into two sessions beginning on the bags working your boxing and kickboxing skills and then moving to a 10-station workout with a more traditional boot-camp feel.

I received three free sessions from RockBox Fitness recently and was very impressed with hw they operated their sessions. My first session I arrived a half-hour early to get a break down from Amanda, the general manager, on what to expect and get me set-up with my wraps and gloves. Nigel, my trainer, then took about 15 minutes to go through all the kick boxing lingo and get me set-up for the workout.

Now, I was nervous. Very nervous. It has been at least pre-pandemic probably closer to two years since I’d really done anything to focus on my fitness. So that’s a lot of time to get this 45-year-old body warmed up and moving.

The “rounds” were two minutes which appear to be one of the longer times for any of the workouts as my classmates were groaning. However, once the rust was knocked off a bit the boxing and kicking was not too bad. The “boot camp” portion busted my behind and by the end doing a single push up was beyond my ability.

Two days later my arms were still sore and legs were feeling the constant movement for 50 minutes. But it wasn’t as bad as my mind had made it out to be. I even chose to schedule my second visit.

Cost is about $150 for an eight-times-per-month plan and $175 for an unlimited plan. About what you’d expect for this type of training in Central Ohio. Will I sign up long term? In a world where the home budget was not a factor — yes, yes I would.

RockBox Fitness is located at 175 West Olentangy Street Suite N in Powell, Ohio.

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FULL DISCLOSURE: RockBox Fitness considered my Instagram to be an influencer and offered me three free sessions in exchange for an Instagram post.