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2. Eclectic Diner & Sweeterie, Delaware, Ohio

Standing outside, walking in the front door, sitting down, everything about Eclectic Diner & Sweeterie on US 23 in Delaware screams “diner.”

That is until you take a look at the menu. That’s when you realize this ain’t no “greasy spoon” but rather a kicked up diner that would make for an amazing episode of Diner, Drive-in and Dives.

Holly Johnson, owner and chef, has experience all over the East Coast working in restaurants from the finest kitchens to Dominos and everything in between. That varied culinary background shows itself every single day.

The food is a classic take on American fare with a dash of flare tossed in. Not just to make it different, but to make it better. You know in a way that seems so obvious once you have it.

Not just does she feature a local take on classic fare, but she attempts to source the ingredients locally when possible. The beef comes from Lexington and some of the funky veggies on her salads are from Delaware’s own Redde Hedde Farms. A chance to give back locally.

You’d be well served to follow them on Facebook and keep an eye out for Saturday’s famous breakfast special. A season-themed stuffed French toast on tap for those making the trip on a Saturday morning.

And if an amazing menu wasn’t enough, they feature fresh-made pies and the best cinnamon rolls in Delaware County. Yes, better than the Hamburger Inn.

Eclectic Diner and Sweeterie is open Monday – Saturday from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m.

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