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3. Pointers Coffee, Delaware

Amber and Natasha Pointer began their coffee house journey backwards from most. They started with the bean and Pointer’s Coffee was born.

Pointer’s Coffee is a locally-roasted coffee provider in Delaware, Ohio.

Pointer’s Coffee currently is a staple at local farmer markets and sells via its web site, but plans are to eventually open a coffee house of their own.

The company – based in northwest Delaware, Ohio – offers Breakfast Blend, Winter, ORION, and Sumatra blends.

The ORION, according to the label, is a Brazilian medium that has a blend of caramel, hazelnut, and coconut flavors.

The Winter blend is a medium Brazilian flavored with white chocolate and peppermint.

Pointers’ late dog is the inspiration for the logo and their signature blend.

The Breakfast blend is Ethiopian and Brazilian coffee with a low acidity and smooth and Earthy flavor.

The couples’ late dog serves as the model for their logo in addition to being the namesake for their signature blend.

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