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33. Canvas Creations For You, Delaware

I am an artist, but I make my pictures with words not on canvas. Which is why I love Canvas Creations for You in Delaware, Ohio.

Take Bob Ross and make it in person with a teacher that is ready and willing to help you out at each turn. Each painting group works off an iPad which gives you directions on how to make the picture that you’ve chosen. I’m not ready to ay that artistic talent is not rewarded, but it did improve my final product by a long way.

The coolest feature is when they host small parties where you get a chance to enjoy a beverage and talk with friends while making a piece to take home. The options are endless here – just check out their facebook page for an idea on projects she has done.

Canvas Creations For You is located at 325 South Sandusky Street Suite 206 in southern Delaware, Ohio.