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40. The Arts Castle, Delaware

The Arts Castle - Delaware - Ohio
The Arts Castle in Delaware, Ohio, is a cultural pillar to the community. [photo by Toby Boyce]

The Delaware County Cultural Arts Center – or more commonly known as the Arts Castle — is one of those community pillars that just makes Delaware, Ohio, a better place to live.

The building itself was built in 1854 for George and Elizabeth (Little) Campbell. Mrs. Campbell was the daughter of one of Delaware’s founding leaders William Little who had given them the land as a wedding gift.

The architecture is in the Romanesque Revival Style popular in the mid-19th Century. The Castle is built of blue limestone from the Blue Limestone Quarry, which was founded by Little and later owned and operated by Campbell. The quarry is now the nearby Blue Limestone Park.

Like most downtown buildings there is a connection to Ohio Wesleyan University when the castle served as Lyon Art Hall for more than 70 years before being sold into private ownership until 1986 when the Delaware County Cultural Arts Association purchased the home and its latest journey began.

The Arts Castle Today

Since 1986, The Arts Castle has continued to evolve and hone in on its core mission of providing the youth, teens and adults of Delaware County with cultural opportunities that might not be available elsewhere. Every quarter the Castle offers classes in ceramics, art, photography, dance, and even seasonal offerings to the community. Ms. Olivia has been taking dance at the Castle for the past three or four sessions and loves spending a half-hour a week learning ballet and jazz dancing. To top it off we love the reasonable cost compared to the YMCA for offerings.

Finding the Arts Castle

The Arts Castle is located at 190 West Winter Street, at the intersection with Elizabeth Street, in downtown Delaware, Ohio. During pandemic times the building is open of classes and limited times per week so please check the Web site or call before visiting.