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41. Covey Rise Farms, Radnor

Sitting along a rolling hill in rural Northwest Delaware County’s Radnor, Ohio, is Covey Rise Farms and its commitment to providing amazing flavored meats to its customers.

Covey Rise Farms is known for its commitment to raising the best pork, chicken, and other products from its Radnor, Ohio, location.

Charlie and Kerissa Payne are building their first-generation dream from the dirt-up raising pork, chicken, lambs, turkey, and eggs. Plans are in the works to add vegetibles, beef, and wild flowers to the mix soon.

We have been big fans of their bratwursts – the paddy brats are the best – and love the fresh eggs. If you haven’t purchased fresh farm eggs, you are missing out on an amazing flavor and that vibrant yolk color.

The farm sells at several Farm Markets – including Killbourne – throughout the summer. This time of year, the mail-order and pick-up orders are in full swing. Check out their Web site and make an order today. You will not regret it!

Covey Rise Farms is located at 7460 Fulton Creek Road in Radnor, Ohio. The pandemic has limited farm tours, so please contact Charlie or Kerissa before making the trip to the farm.