C.G. Boyce Real Estate Co.

49. Crimson Knoll Cattle Company, Richwood

Just in Time is a great concept for factories, but probably not for your family’s meal planning.

America got a real dose of reality when COVID-19 hit and shutdowns began occurring. You couldn’t – or wouldn’t – go to the grocery store with that level of ease that we had enjoyed only a month earlier.

We responded. A run on freezers and freezer-ready meat producers ensued. But, some of us have always known the truth about freezer meat … it’s just better.

So for stop No. 43 we head northwest out of Delaware to the Crimson Knoll Cattle Company in Richwood, Ohio. Dusty and Casey Converse‘s cows have been feeding the Boyce family for years. Some will remember Casey from being our first Warrior Wednesday feature or all the work she does downtown Delaware, Ohio, with Converse and Associates American Family Insurance Agency.

Okay, back to why you are here … the steak. Crimson Knoll’s cows are born in Union County and grow on Union County grass. “Our hormone-free calves are started on grass pasture and finished on our own hay and feed purchased from a local feed mill,” they write on their Web site. “We believe this process not only produces the best quality meat, but it also allows us to support a local business!”

Crimson Knoll Cattle Company’s cows are born and raised on their Union County farm.

When it comes time to process, Crimson Knoll supports another small business – Glenville Packing LLC in rural Nevada, Ohio. Glenville pays detailed attention to making sure the customers get what they want when the meat arrives. Don’t know where Nevada is (hint it is about 40 miles due north outside of Bucyrus, Ohio) don’t worry. Crimson Knoll Cattle Company has been known to deliver its product right to your freezer.

Crimson Knoll Cattle Company, located at 27900 Kinney Pike in Richwood, is not accepting tours due to Pandemic protocols. But they are accepting orders for summer and fall harvest. Contact them to get on the list today; it will be the best meat you’ve had in years.