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50. Speck Italian Eatery, Delaware

When you have a four-year-old there are just certain restaurants that you tend to avoid for the sanity of everyone involved. On Valentine’s Day we discovered we’d added Speck Italian to the list, when it didn’t need to be.

Speck Italian Eatery is the brain-child of Josh Dalton – the boss man as they refer to him on the Web site – also brought 1808 American Bistro and Veritas to downtown Delaware, Ohio, over the past 15 years. Veritas – considered the best restaurant in Central Ohio by several publications – has since moved to 11 West Gay Street in downtown Columbus, Ohio.

The restaurant makes its own pasta every day and takes extreme pride in its food. On Sunday, Gretchen had the CAB New York Strip with celery root puree and watercress ($32 on regular menu). I had the Frutti De Mare which included squid-ink bucatini, snow crab, mussels, calamari, shrimp, lemon, chili oil, garlic, and parmesan ($26 on regular menu).

Both were downright amazing with the beef having a great marble to it. I had to restrain myself from asking for a straw to suck the left-over gravy from the bottom of the bowl after all the seafood and pasta was gone.

Our fixed menu meal included:

  • Starter was a charcuterie board with salami, prosciutto, pickled veggies including Peru Peppers that were amazing, bread service, and cheese.
  • The salad included coal-roasted carrots, fennel, pistou, stracciatella and her salad.
  • Entrees included the two we chose and the third option was chestnut agnolottie with trumpet mushrooms, mascarpone, brown butter and sherry.
  • Dessert featured a cacao pavlova, dark chocolate mousse, proscecco, strawberry and mint.

Final bill, including tip, was $180 for this special dinner – it would have been more if I’d gone for the “green house” option to eat outside.

The two best parts of the meal was realizing that while the food was custom made there was not a level of arrogance to the restaurant and someplace we can take Olivia to for a very special meal. The second part was finding Ana Angeles as our server – we even left her a French Kiss for her amazing assistance during dinner. Those that don’t know Ana need to stop in order a French Kiss for yourself and one for Ana to enjoy later in the night.

Speck Italian Eatery is located at 15 East Winter Street in historic downtown Delaware, Ohio. The restaurant is open 5 – 10 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday and closed Sunday through Tuesday.