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51. Opa Grill & Tavern, Delaware

The other night I was reviewing our list of places visited and realized a glaring omission: we had not featured Opa Grill & Tavern in historic downtown Delaware, Ohio.

Opa Grill & Tavern is one of the downtown mainstays that has been downtown for nearly a decade. It has transformed itself from a cool place to get Greek Food to a cool place to still enjoy Greek and American food but now has one of the best bourbon and whiskey selections in Central Ohio.

Opa Grill and Tavern in downtown Delaware, Ohio, has one of the region’s largest selections of bourbon and whiskey.

While, I’m six years sober, my friends that enjoy the bourbon and whiskey drinks swear that any connoisseur needs to make the stop at Opa Grill & Tavern to explore their finds.

The food is equally as strong. We are big fans of the various gyro plates and platters. The burgers are also something that we strongly enjoy. But honestly haven’t found much that I don’t like from Opa Grill & Tavern. So just try it all and let us know what you find is your new favorite meal.

And if that isn’t enough, owner Genti Koci is the mayor of Flavor in Delaware. There is not a bigger public supporter for eating in downtown Delaware than Genti. Check out his Facebook page and you’ll see his daily trips around town for food from restaurants other than Opa. Which is another reason why you need to support him and Opa.

Opa Grill and Tavern is located at 18 South Sandusky Street in historic downtown Delaware, Ohio. Opa is open Tuesday – Thursday from 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.; Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. – 11 p.m. and closed on Sunday and Monday.