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59. Bare Bowl, Delaware

After a bitter cold February, it would be great to cuddle up and paint some pottery.

Well you are in luck! The Bare Bowl in downtown Delaware, Ohio, offers just that. You have the chance to pick out a piece of bisque and paint it in your own style and Bare Bowl fires it and has it ready for you to pick up in a few weeks.

The process is a simple one, according to the Bare Bowl Web site.

  1. Pick out a piece of unpainted pottery (Bisque). We have tons to choose from!
  2. Pick out your colors (Underglazes)
  3. Paint it however you like…it’s your creation! We have stamps, stencils, idea books and even painted samples!
  4. We glaze and fire it in our kiln.
  5. In just seven days, you get to pick up your master piece, take it home & enjoy!

With the pandemic, the studio is offering a couple of different options. The studio is open but has limited capacity. Those interested in curb-side pick up can purchase a “take-home” kit and paint it at home then return it to the store to be fired and returned to them in a week or so.

The Bare Bowl is located at 4 North Sandusky Street in historic downtown Delaware, Ohio. The store is open Thursday – Saturday from 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.; Sunday Noon – 5 p.m.; and closed Monday – Wednesday. Due to limited capacity reservations are strongly suggested.