C.G. Boyce Real Estate Co.

6. DelCo Profit Builders, Delaware

If I asked you to hand me $1 and I gave you about $23 back; would you do it?

I’d be willing to bet that 99% would do it. And that’s what average members of the DelCo Profit Builders BNI chapter did in 2020. The group reported more than $275,960 in closed business for the year.

The organization meets on Tuesday mornings from 8 – 9:30 a.m. at the Food Truck Depot in Delaware. Though with the pandemic, the group has met virtually via Zoom since March.

BNI operates on the concept of Know, Like, Trust and that each member is an extension of the others sales force. So while, a recent AT&T commercial mocks word-of-mouth marketing for most of the nation’s small businesses it is the cheapest and best marketing they can do.

DelCo Profit Builders BNI chapter isn’t the cheapest costing about $600 — $548 to national and $50 local dues — per year. With the average seat valued at about $14,500 it is a small investment that could lead to a large return.

Interested in visiting the DelCo Profit Builders BNI chapter? Complete this registration and mark “Toby Boyce” as your sponsor and we’ll get you taken care of for next Tuesday’s meeting.

C.G. Boyce Real Estate Co. is a member of the DelCo Profit Builders BNI Chapter. However, no inducements of any kind were provided for this article.