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62. Creative Foundations; Mt. Vernon, Delaware, Marysville

Do you need some new art work or just want to support local artists special needs?

Then meet the Creative Foundations with locations in Delaware, Mt. Vernon, Urbana, and Marysville.

Creative Foundations offers integrated day services for special needs adults from the communities they serve. Many of the clients create various art projects from paint to wood-art signs and more options that are sold to the public at the Creative Foundations office.

However, Creative Foundation locations are closed to the public during the pandemic. Several local businesses have stepped up and filled the need. These artists make money by selling their art to the general public and with the doors closed their income was in limbo.

In Delaware, three businesses stepped up and took on the role of becoming a mobile gallery including J.Gumbo’s, Pathways Credit Union and COhatch The News Stand. The Pathways in Union County also has a display of artwork.

I had the opportunity to meet several of the artists from the Urbana location as they made the trip to J.Gumbo’s to see their work on display. The joy they had seeing their artwork on display and being purchased was so needed in this pandemic society.

A very cool feature is completed by Delaware-resident who specializes in custom-painted pet portraits. This has been a huge success for her to earn income. The process is simple and usually takes about three weeks to complete

  1. Choose your favorite photo of your pet,
  2. pick canvas size 8×10 ($40) or 11×14 ($60),
  3. email to Mike@creativefoundations.org.

Creative Foundations locations are still closed due to pandemic, but to check out the artwork in Delaware and Union Counties visit:

  • J.Gumbo’s Restaurant, 9 North Sandusky Street, Delaware, Ohio
  • Pathways Credit Union, 879 West William Street, Delaware, Ohio
  • Pathways Credit Union, 121 Emmaus Road, Marysville, Ohio
  • COhatch The News Stand, 18 East William Street, Delaware, Ohio

Please check them out and support the local artists for a reasonable cost.