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70. Half Price Books; Westerville, Lewis Center, Columbus

So far in 365: The Tour we’ve done our best to avoid the national chains, but there is one chain that I find myself stopping into virtually anytime I’m in Lewis Center, Westerville or Northwest Columbus.

Half Price Books
Half-Price Books is a favorite place for me to shop for those titles I miss.

Half-Price Books is stop No. 70 on the tour. With more than 120 stores across the nation it is by far not a local store and being based in Dallas, Texas, can’t even pretend they started locally.

But, I just love the feel of books. Have for years. I don’t read like I used to — most of them are closer to stuff carried at Bean Bag Books — but I still love to visit book stores and just explore the worlds within those aisles.

And they do buy books as well, according to their Web, having purchased 2,013,356 books in the past month.

Personally, I’ve become spoiled by its collection of notecards for $3-4 each. Compared to what we were paying at other stores it is quite the deal.

Half-Price books has several stores around the Central Ohio area, including:

  • Half-Price Books Northpointe Plaza, 100 Meadow Park Avenue, Lewis Center, Ohio
  • Half-Price Books Westerville, 561 South State Street, Westerville, Ohio
  • Half-Price Books Carriage Place, 2642 Bethel Road, Columbus, Ohio

So get out there and read a book today.