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85. G&R Tavern, Waldo

The classic bologna sandwich.

First in a collection of “make-up” posts we missed during the last two weeks of March.

Living near Waldo, Ohio, the first thing you’re asked is “Where’s Waldo?” in jest by those that know and ignorance for those that missed the exit off US 23 in southern Marion County.

The second question is invariably, “have you been to ‘The’ G&R?

And no matter your answer it is followed by a conversation lamenting their favorites from The G&R Tavern in the heart of downtown Waldo, Ohio. And there is almost always one thing in that conversation – bologna.

Gretchen enjoyed the bologna salad sandwich.

You see, G&R has been featured in national publications for being the bologna capital. The classic ($4.25) is pan-seared bologna slice covered in cheese with sweet pickles and onions on a bun. However, they serve it lots of ways including bologna salad – think ham salad only with bologna – on two slices of bread.

Outside of the bologna, I can’t comment much on the main menu. Because, well I always get the bologna sandwich. I am rarely a creature of habit, but in this case well why go against a good thing? Gretchen raves about the bologna salad ($3.00) and we always end up getting a tub for the road home.

For the kids there really isn’t a menu, so we ordered Olivia a grilled cheese ($2.50) and it was a solid sandwich.

On the side we did a collection of deep-fried choices from French fries ($2.50), mushrooms ($2.50), cauliflower ($2.50), and my favorite the munchers ($2.50) which are tater tots with cheese and jalapenos.

Gretchen and Olivia await our turn to enter G&R Tavern. Place was standing-room-only on a Tuesday night.

And don’t forget they DO NOT accept credit or debit cards! There is a private ATM in the location that charges you $1.50 per transaction.

G&R Tavern is located at 103 N. Main Street in downtown Waldo, Ohio. The Tavern is open from 8 a.m. – 11 p.m. Monday through Thursday; 8 a.m. – midnight Friday and Saturday; and closed on Sunday.