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92. Son of Thurman’s; Delaware, Galena

It all started in 1942 when a 20-year-old Macedonian immigrant opened a small restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, and Thurman’s Café became a regional legend.

The business eventually was passed down to the children and even had a child of its own … Son of Thurman which is located in historic downtown Delaware, Ohio..

The original Thurman’s Café became a legendary place when it introduced the Thurmanator ($22.99) which comes which is described on their menu “You’ve seen it on TV, and heard stories from all over Thurman Nation! Let’s take this from the ground up…. Dressed with mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickle and banana peppers, 12 ounce patty #1, bacon, cheddar, 12 ounce patty #2, sautéed mushrooms & onions, mounds of ham, piles of provolone and cheddar cheese. And this one comes with hand-cut fries!”

I have never had one and only seen it on a couple of occasions and only ever saw one person eat a whole one – the same guy that introduced Gretchen and I – and he even wanted ice cream later.

There is a diversity of the menu for those that don’t wish to consume most of a cow for lunch. However, all their burgers are huge compared to anyone else in town.

Personal favorite is the wings which are meaty and you get a nice bunch by the pound.

Thurman’s Cafe is located at 5 North Sandusky Street in historic downtown Delaware, Ohio, and recently announced plans for its second Delaware County location at 31 Columbus Street in Galena, Ohio.