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A Delawarites’ New Year’s Resolution

Crimson Knoll Cattle Company, Richwood, Ohio

As the calendar has freshly turned to 2021, it seems like a good time to do a little “New Year’s Resolution” for the general Delawarite … or is it a Delawarian?

What We As Delaware Residents Should Do More in 2021

Crimson Knoll Cattle Company, Richwood, Ohio
Toby and his family sources their beef from Richwood s Crimson Knoll Cattle Company. [image source – crimson knoll web site]
  • Eat Local. This can be as simple as staying in Delaware to eat lunch rather than heading down into Columbus. Or if you are in Columbus choosing a locally-owned and operated restaurant over the chain restaurant. The point being to think about where the food you eat comes from and how it impacts the greater economy. Looking for an amazing night-out? Check out #1 Ghost Writer in our 365: The Tour for locally sourced and created foods.
  • Source Your Food. Delaware County historically has been an agricultural community and if you are willing to look a little bit — you’ll find it still is. It is relatively easy to source your food in Delaware County especially during the spring, summer and fall. Head to the local farmer markets which almost all our local ones have policies that the food had to be grown on your farm to be sold there. We source our beef from Crimson Knoll Cattle Company in Richwood; our pork and chicken from Covey Rise Farms in Radnor; and veggies from Redde Hedde Farms in Delaware among others.
  • Buy Local. An American Express study found that 67 cents out of every dollar spent at an independent business stays in the local community. That’s because small business owners tend to get their product from other small business owners and the money stays in the greater economy.
  • Volunteer. Either you or your ancestors moved to Delaware in large part because of its small-town feel. We can only keep that going in large part by committing to keep our local charities active and strong.

This desire to remind Delaware area residents of the amazing things available right here in our own backyard is a lot of what led to us doing the 365: The Tour this year.

Is there something you’d like to see more Delaware residents do in 2021?