C.G. Boyce Real Estate Co.

Brokering Your Business

C.G. Boyce Real Estate Co. is proud to assist local buyers and seller with the transferring of your business.

Where Do I Find The Latest List of Business for Sale?

The truth is that the majority of businesses listed for sale will never be marketed to the general public.

There is a belief — that has been proven inaccurate — that telling the public your business is for sale will lead to a decline in business.

However, the best place to find a business online currently is BizBuySell.com. So take a look at BizBuySell and then reach out to Toby at 419-618-8629 and he’ll get the other details and even schedule a chance to visit the business and learn more.

What Makes Us Different?

C.G. Boyce Real Estate Co. strategy is to work with you and become your partner in the process. (stock.xchng)

Business brokering is the “wild-wild west” with no license required to facilitate the transaction.

But in today’s environment you need to have a strong advocate in your corner assisting you in finding the right partner in your business pursuit.

  • We don’t play games.
  • We don’t charge high commissions.
  • We don’t talk out both sides of our mouth.
  • We don’t give you unrealistic expectations.

Bluntly put: we become your eyes and ears on business opportunities that are available for sale in the central Ohio market. Whether you are looking to sell or purchase this knowledge becomes the currency to facilitate and negotiate the best transaction possible for you.

How Do You Get Paid?

We are going to require a contract in the purchase and sale of business opportunity. Don’t let that scare you off, it will simply outline what we are doing for you and the agreed upon terms — which are only paid if you purchase or sell a building.

We don’t charge up front fees and then a commission on the backend. We are putting our talent on the line upfront and working with you to reach a successful conclusion.

Drop us an email at toby@cgboyce.com, text or call at 419-618-8629, or use our contact us page if you are looking to buy or sell a business!