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Career Options

What can I do with a career in real estate?

The field is so diverse that a more apt question would be what can’t you do with a career in real estate.

One of the unique things about working with an independent brokerage is that you have the opportunity to develop yourself without having to signify residential vs. commercial, sales vs. rentals, etc. from the first day. That was a big reason why Broker and President Toby Boyce launched C.G. Boyce Real Estate Co. was to develop a new collection of real-estate leaders across the real-estate spectrum.

They types of real estate career include …

Residential Home Sales

When you think real estate, this is most often the view that comes to mind. High – drive personalities showing homes that were staged by HGTV itself. We have glamorized this portion of the community in a way that has nearly ruined the field.

If you love HGTV real estate shows, you’ll love showing clients homes and the interaction with them … but that is only about 10% of the job. You’ll have to work hard building relationships to get those potential clients to knock on your door. Some of the best agents I have ever worked with are actually introverts … why? Because they excel at taking care of their clients and tolerate the 10% that requires them to go outside their comfort level. So in short … anyone can be a successful agent if they have the commitment to doing the little things that make or break your career.

Residential Rentals

One of the least glamourous real estate positions is that of a property manager. You have to have a commitment to detail and focus on the little things and stay on top people to be successful in real estate property management. The key is the ability to acquire a large number of rental units. Hence, successful agents can’t be 100% in the books but need to be able track and keep on top of your residents to make sure they are paying and happy so you don’t have to constantly recruit new tenants.

Commercial Sales

The picture of a slick-backed hair and pin-stripe suit good ol-boys network is falling apart and the commercial sales market is being opened up to an amazingly talented and diverse group of agents. Big brokerages continue to “specialize” in pieces of real estate from industrial, office, warehouse, etc. While smaller brokerages allow agents to be generalists and know a lot about a lot of stuff. It is easier to be an “expert” on one category than all of them. However, depending on your buyer focus you may find that a generalist position is more lucrative and a bigger opportunity.

Commercial Rentals

Another field that can be specialized or generalized depending on your preference.

Real Estate Management

The reality is that so many real estate folks need to have someone looking over their shoulder to make sure they dotted the “i” and crossed the “t” on transactions. For small brokerages this can fall on the broker but in a case where the office has enough transactions or the broker also sells they will hirer transaction coordinators. These are