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Commercial Real Estate

When it comes time to service your real estate. The definition is nearly as broad as the clients we help buy and sell their properties.

How Do We Define Commercial Real Estate?

  • Industrial Sites
  • Land — used for development or commercial purpose
  • Office — Any location used for commercial office — that has its own address and is legally separated from residential dwelling. (So no, we don’t consider your home office a commercial space)
  • Residential investment properties — can be any property non-owner occupied but commercial financing will be required on 4+ unit buildings.
  • Retail — any space that is used as a restaurant or other retail establishment.

How Do We Assist Those Clients?

  • Purchase / Sale — Whether it is time to buy or sell your commercial property, we are here to assist. We are very active in several national exchange organizations that focus heavily on 1031 tax deferment on the sale of real estate.
  • Tenant / Landlord Services — We love to work with building and business owners as they secure new locations and tenants. We have assisted real estate agencies, law firms, trade companies and lots more find new homes. We have offered full-service property management as well as our “Find Your Tenant” program that allows for the building owner to stay in total charge and essentially hire us as a marketing firm to get the most out of their properties.
  • Development Services — We have begun working with a few local land owners with the plan to help them turn vacant dirt into retail and multi-family developmental use.

Toby Boyce’s Commercial Real Estate Organizations


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