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Five Real Estate Myths Exposed

Five Real Estate myths debunked.
Five Real Estate myths debunked.
We debunk five real estate myths and look t the truth behind them.

Real estate is a career that can be as much as you want to make of it. But today we are going to highlight five myths of real estate and what it means to look at it as a career. Interested in real estate as a career? Check out starting a career with C.G. Boyce Real Estate Co. and become a top-producing agent today!

Myth #1: Every Real Estate Agent Rolls In the Money

The average National Association of REALTOR member does less than five transactions in a year. Which on the national average of home values is barely breaking poverty level. It truly is an 80/20 world where 20% of the agents make 80% of the money. At C.G. Boyce we’ve been doing this for nearly 15 years and believe we offer a competitive marketing plan that will make agents more money and present them with the opportunity to move into that 20%.

Myth #2: Real Estate is a Bad Career Option

This may sound like I’m contradicting No. 1, but hear me out. When I got my license back in 2006, an uncle I respected a lot said “Toby your smarter than that, but we’ll see what your doing in six months.” Real estate is one of that last opportunities that allow for wealth transfer without a college degree. If you are willing to work hard on the RIGHT items you will succeed in real estate. At C.G. Boyce Real Estate Co. we pride ourselves on developing amazing agents that are assets not only on the bottom line but in the community as well.

Myth #3: Real Estate is Hard.

There are a lot of things that make real estate a challenging career – delayed / cancelled closings, buyers firing you, essentially waking up unemployed every day and having to get hired by someone every single day, and lots of other things. But the x-and-o of real estate is simple. I didn’t say easy, I said simple. The playbook doesn’t need to be real thick if you are willing to do what others won’t then you can live like others can’t as Dave Ramsey would say. At C.G. Boyce Real Estate Co. we have a comprehensive plan that if you are willing to follow it will lead to you becoming a top agent.

Myth #4: Real Estate is Local

The myth here is simple. How do you define local? I’ve seen southern Columbus agents marketing themselves as the “local expert” in Delaware. And they have the photos from “their favorite coffee shop” to prove it. While the Internet has made becoming a local expert easier there is still something to be said for working with a person that has their finger on the pulse of a community. And working with a local independent agency – like C.G. Boyce Real Estate Co. – means that more of the commission dollars stay in our local economy.

Myth #5: Real Estate is Dying

Since the Internet replaced the MLS books there have been tech-barons trying to undercut real-estate agents and steal their market share. And there have been an equal number of people plotting its demise — much like travel agents. And yes the “order taker” agents are going to be replaced by more efficient models. But they have yet to create a model that will replace the “value agent.” The value agent is one that brings something more than an e-key to the transaction. At C.G. Boyce Real Estate Co. we pride ourselves on having some of the industry’s most trained agents. They will work with you in negotiating a deal to making sure you don’t overpay for that new home. We aren’t free in the same way your accountant and lawyer aren’t free.

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