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Have You Checked Your Carbon Monoxide Detector?

Carbon Monoxide detectors can be purchased from any mega store or Amazon for about $30. This model is available on Amazon.com for $24.97

The horrible situation that occurred in Lewis Cetner, Ohio, a few years ago where carbon monoxide killed an entire family and their dogs woke a lot of people up about the dangers of this gas. (My home included).

If your home has any gas appliances then you need to have at least one probably more detectors in your home. However, did you know they are only good for five to seven years?

Typically, the units have a tag or date stamp on the back to indicate age or expiration date for the unit.

Replacing your smoke alarm every ten years and your carbon monoxide tester every five to seven will make your home a much safer place.

Special thanks to Home Service Plan of Ohio’s Mindy Willard for the topic idea.