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Home Owners’ Common Winter Insurance Claims

Winter weather creates a unique set of challenges for your home. Whether it be drafty windows or a much more major issue it could be an insurance nightmare for you.

In the January 2021, AAA Magazine Emily Derr highlighted the top-four insurance claims that present themselves each winter.

  • Roof Collapses. Roofs are not designed to hold large amounts of weight and can fail catastrophically if a large quantity of snow or ice accumulates on the roof. In central Ohio, the biggest fear would be a sudden large wet snow that is going to be really heavy. If you do get a large accumulation of snow on your roof, it needs to be cleared off to reduce the tension on the roof joists.
  • Frozen / Broken Pipes. Growing up in an 1860s farm house, this was a battle every winter when it got down close to single digits. Now living in a 1999 suburban home it isn’t nearly the challenge it was before. Biggest issue is going to be frozen hose bibs from people that didn’t remove the hose and drain the connector to the house. It says it is anti-freeze and that’s a great marketing concept but not always freeze free.
  • Ice Dams. Central Ohio isn’t going to have a huge challenge with roof collapses, we just don’t get enough snow. But ice dams can occur on any house and don’t take much to occur. Ice dams are created when the snow melts and the water begins to run to the gutter; but for some reason isn’t draining. The water refreezes at night and continues to build up higher on the roof. Shingles are designed to have water run down them; not up. So the water is able to penetrate behind the shingle and eventually the home.
  • Wind and Hail Damage. Probably the most consistent of all the issues this will hit any season in Ohio. But when you add ice or snow to heavy winds it spells damage.