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15. Las Miches Marisqueras, Delaware

Despite Ms. O. and I being in covid-19 protocol for another week we were hungry to try something new. Las Miches Marisqueras in eastern Delaware, Ohio, was a great choice.

Based on recommendations from friends, we made two decisions right off the bat — Gretchen would get a margarita – house lime on the rocks ($7) and Navajo Taco ($5). She considered the margarita to be pretty good and very comparable to what she’d get at Mi Cerrito. The Navajo taco was a beef taco on Navajo flat bread and was pretty good. My recommendation would be to go with a better meat (additional charge) as the taco beef was good but felt a bit like having a Cadillac exterior with Chevy interior.

For our meals we chose the chimichanga ($14) and birria burrito ($10) with birria soup ($2.50). The chimichanga was chicken and freshly fried and served wet with a cheese sauce. “I’d ask them to put the Pico de Gallo on the inside,” commented Gretchen. “It was good but just chicken so got a little overwhelming.” It was served with rice and beans.

The birria burrito was amazing. Birria is a cooking method that is usually done with goat or mutton but this was done with a beef roast and had a very deep flavor that only comes from cooking all day in the juices. The burrito is served ala carte but includes rice and beans inside it. The birria soup is essentially the aus jus from the beef cooking. Made for an amazing dipping sauce for the burrito. We also added it to the rice, which was quite dry, and the flavor was off the chart.

Las Miches Marisqueras is located at 77 Lake Street (US 42) just south of Central Avenue (State Route 37) on Delaware, Ohio’s east side. The restaurant is open Tuesday, Thursday – Saturday from 4 – 10 p.m.; Wednesday from 4 – 9 p.m. and closed Sunday and Monday.