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Perkins Houses Sold to Yoder

The Perkins Home has changed ownership again. The home, located at 235 West William Street, was part of the Ohio Wesleyan campus for generations. Photo courtesy of Delaware County Auditor’s office.

The former Hiram Perkins home on the western-edge of Ohio Wesleyan University has transferred ownership again according to the Delaware County Auditor’s Office.

David Yoder has purchased the former OWU professor’s home, located at 235 West William Street, for $189,900. The home became a scene of debate when the Manos family planned to develop the home and surrounding property into a boutique hotel.

Hiram Perkins, the namesake for the Perkins Observatory on US 23, was a professor at Ohio Wesleyan who earned his fortune by growing livestock and selling it as food to the Union Army during the Civil War.