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The Buyer Presentation

We begin each new buyer discussion with the “buyer presentation” which gives the 30,000-foot view of how the transaction will proceed.

A sample buyer presentation we recently did.

What Do You Cover?

Essentially we cover the consumer guide to agency, five steps to purchasing a home, and the exclusive buyer agreement. It usually takes about an hour but if you like to talk then we can go all night baby. But, I do my best to respect your time and keep it to an hour.

What are the steps to purchasing a home?

Signing the contract is where your dream becomes a reality. (Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels)
  1. Pre-Approval. The biggest challenge in finding a home is balancing your needs and wants vs. your budget. If you had infinite money for a home then you could do anything you wanted; but even the richest folks have constraints. So let’s find out the budget and build from there.
  2. Looking at Homes. Looking at homes is similar to dating. You are going to see some amazing ones and some not so right-for-you properties. But with every “relationship” we’ll continue to hone down that need vs. want list to find the needle in your haystack. That opportunity to unlock your dreams.
  3. The Contract. Here is where it gets real. You have the opportunity to make that dream a reality with the best terms and conditions for your family. All the dates become key, and this is when we begin the countdown clock to your new home.
  4. Contingencies. Unless you decide to waive contingencies – which we will never advocate – there is always open portions of the contract that need to be fulfilled before closing. The two most common are inspections and financing. Inspections is more than a home inspection, it should also include having your home owners insurance rate examined, lead-based paint, radon, title examination, etc. All things that will allow you — and the bank — to become more confident in your new purchase.
  5. Closing Day. This is your favorite day in the entire process. The day that home becomes yours. Enjoy it … but please refrain from any large purchases in the days leading up to your closing.

How long does this take? That’s up to you. I’ve had some people close in 18 days from when I met them to others taking five years until we found that perfect property.

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