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You might not know Angie Lilly by name. But if you are active on the Delaware social webs you’ve drooled over her collection of baked goods and butters.

Angie is the owner and baker for Del City Farm based in the city of Delaware, Ohio. Del City Farm is a woman-owned micro-business that sells vegan or vegetarian cookies, sweet breads, cakes, and fruit butters.

Stop drooling on your phone, it isn’t polite.

“All of my cookie and fruit butter recipes are my own, all of my cake/bread recipes are family recipes originating from my husband’s grandmother, great aunt, and mother in West Virginia,” Angie said.

“I bake everything to order and normally deliver or ship the same day that I bake. I use the cleanest ingredients I can afford, including a lot of organic ingredients. Everything I sell is vegetarian and my fruit butters are vegan.”

One of her most popular features is the Cookie of the Month Club which does exactly what it says and offers customers her unique and creative-cookies each month.

  • January = Buttered Pistachio Cardamom
  • February = Farmhouse Chocolate Chip
  • March = Chicken Scratch
  • April = Fresh Brewed Chocolate Chip
  • May = Lemon Pepper Cashew
  • June = Buttered Hazelnut Coffee
  • July = Cocoa-Nut Almond
  • August = Buckeye Oatmeal
  • September = Salted Cashew Apple
  • October = Spiced Pumpkin Seed Coffee
  • November = Buttered Pecan Spice
  • December = Snowfall Sugar

You may know Del City Farm and Angie from her presence at Main Street Delaware’s Farmer Market, though unfortunately not in 2020 or 2021 due to the pandemic. But the plan is to be back better than ever in 2022.

They deliver for free to anyone in the city of Delaware, Ohio, and can ship her products to anywhere else in Ohio. Angie is not a Delaware or Ohio native – originally from southern West Virginia – but has been here since 1997 and fallen in love with the small-town atmosphere and proximity to Columbus.

“I use the cleanest ingredients I can afford, including a lot of organic ingredients.”

Angie Lilly, owner Del City Farms

“I love that it feels like the small town I grew up in/near in West Virginia but that it is super close to a thriving metropolis like Columbus,” Angie said. “I also just love how very vibrant Delaware’s own downtown is and how full of life it is. The people here are all so friendly and they really go out of their way to support local small businesses like mine.”

When she isn’t in downtown Delaware, you’ll most likely find her in the solitude of her natural back yard that includes 13 bird-feeders and three bird baths.

“I’m pretty much a homebody” Angie admitted. “My naturalized yard is my favorite place to spend time. I love spending time on my deck in my backyard watching the myriad of birds that come to our 13 feeders and three birdbaths. I love flower gardening and harvesting veggies out of my husband’s vegetable garden. I love harvesting the fruit that grows all over our yard, especially organic apples from the two trees in our front yard that I use to make my Peel-On Apple Butter. I also love taking macro photos of all the different insects, wildlife, flowers, etc. nature has to offer me.”

Angie goes through life with her life-partner of more than 30 years, Scott. He serves as the delivery driver, logo creator and jack-of-all trades for her small business.

You can find Angie (and Scott) behind the Del City Farm handle on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or reach out to them via their Web site. While her business doesn’t have a store-front you can catch her online at delcityfarm.com

Photographs provided by Del City Farm and Angie Lilly