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WARRIOR WEDNESDAY: Jennifer Rose-Caudill

When your job is working with America’s favorite emoji, it can either be stinky or fun. Jennifer Rose-Caudill and the rest of the team at Emergency Plumbing Service has attacked the fun element head on.

Jennifer Rose-Caudill
Jennifer Rose-Caudill

And you’ll never know where that fun will be on display. Whether it be unique promotional gifts, a miniature-van in parades, or winning big-wheel races the people from Emergency Plumbing are there to be the best and have fun doing it.

“Our mission is to help our customers with their plumbing needs. Provide excellent customer service, body workmanship, with upfront and fair pricing,” said Jen, a co-owner of EPS with her brothers. “Be active and get back to the communities we serve. Do all the above as a family, upholding our core values 100% of the time!”

And there is not very often you’ll find Jen or her team not at full-throttle. Even to the point that they are building a training center for their plumbers in the new location at 3354 US 23 North – just south of Coover Road – in Delaware, Ohio. Jen’s dad founded EPS in 1977 and in 2008 was passed on with one truck to Jen and her brothers. Now it looks like a school-bus yard with all the trucks and heavy equipment to make sure your plumbing job is done right.

“It is always fun and challenging and I learn something new everyday,” Jen, a Delaware-native and Hayes High School alum, said. “I love the family atmosphere and the people are so fun and loving.  We all work so well together. I am truly fortunate to be able to work with my brothers and mother on a daily basis.”

That fortune boils over to the greater Delaware community, where the Rose family is active in numerous events and are always ready to show their community pride.

“I am so proud to be a member of the Delaware community. The Rose family grew up in this community and are deeply invested. I feel the Delaware Community truly looks out for each other. Everyone is always so supportive and willing to step up and help when needed.”

And the Delaware community is proud to have the Rose family as well.