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Michael Diercks, Truth at Work – Central Ohio

Being a Christian and being a business leader do not have to be mutually exclusive traits. And this week’s Warrior Wednesday Michael Diercks with Truth at Work – Central Ohio is living proof.

Michael has served as the Chapter President for Truth at Work’s Central Ohio chapter since 2017 but has been a consultant / coach for the past 18 years.

“Watching God’s hand at work,” is Michael’s favorite part of his job. And he gets to do that through small-group interactions and individual discussions with fellow-business leaders. The organization is working with members to not have to compartmentalize being a leader and being a Christian.

On February 19, Michael is leading “What Does a ‘Biblical Business’ Look Like?” on from 7:30 – 9 a.m. virtually and is free to attend. “Have you ever had this experience? You enter a business (or find them online), they have the ‘fish’ logo or some other Christian indicator. With high expectations, you engage in their service only to find that either the employees are rude, service is poor, the quality is lack, or some combination?” That and other important topics on being a profitable, successful, and true to your Christian beliefs will be discussed.

Michael is married with five children and eight grandchildren. He is a former Ashland Arrow and graduate of Grove City College.